Win-Win is bringing laughter and inspiration to children in hospitals across the USA

Win-Win Entertainment is a volunteer-based nonprofit bringing laughter, fun, joy, and inspiration to children in hospitals across the USA. During the pandemic I have done a lot of these programs, always “virtual” and “remote,” using a broad range of interactive audio/video platforms to perform. The children are incredibly brave and always ready for a good […]

Henry – Hank – Aaron passed away last week at age 86. For ‘men of a certain age’ he is much more than the greatest homerun hitter of all time. He represents a dramatic shift in sports, society and every day American life. His record-setting home run, the one that eclipsed Babe Ruth’s “never-to-be-broken” 714, […]

I was recently named a “Significant Sig” by my fraternity, Sigma Chi. It’s an honor I’m not taking lightly. This is something I was not expecting to ever be considered for, and something that means a great deal to me personally. I’m humbled and grateful and probably undeserving. There are a lot of great people […]

Blessings, Taylor

The walk-on, if you’re not familiar with the term, is a college athlete who was not recruited heavily by a university or college. A player who was deemed “not good enough” to be offered a scholarship to a university, yet shows up to practice and tries to make the team. The odds weigh heavily against […]

Just a quick note to thank you for Taylor’s concert yesterday at New Hanover UMC in Gilbertsville. He brought the house down. Playing to a crowd of 400 he was so engaging and funny. It was my first time seeing him, and I was impressed by how well he knew his audience, where they lived […]

“I lost it. I lost it. I lost it.” – backup singers to Teddy Pendergrass’ hit song ‘The Love I Lost.’ This is not a testimonial or an advertisement. It is not a promotion. And I’m not bragging about my abilities using hi-tech. Which are limited at best. It’s just what happened. I have to […]

Joey Edmonds came to see me at Zanies Comedy Club in 1984. I was “house emcee,” and he saw me work with Jay Leno. Edmonds was an unassuming man with short-brownish-curly hair and a friendly smile. He approached me at the end of the night, as people milled around the club after Mr. Leno had […]

Maybe the biggest growth industry in the USA is the news/opinion business. Here’s my guide to success in the ever-expanding 24-hour news cycle. Good luck! Interrupt loudly and often. Be prepared to cry immediately. Be prepared to bully immediately. Laugh at inopportune moments. Your modus operandi, your motivation, can be summed up thus: you want […]

It’s the mid-to-late 1990s. My manager at the time, Stanley Bernstein, got me a job with a fledgling “all-news” network. It turned out to be FoxNews, and of course I didn’t know anything about it at the time because it was a job. It wouldn’t have mattered who or what it was, the opportunity was […]