ZootopiaI just watched the latest Disney Studios major motion picture release, “Zootopia.” It’s great. Maybe one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Go see it. Before you say, “Taylor, you’re a homer for Disney,” allow me to defend myself. Yes, I work for Disney (in a very minor capacity). Yes, I am inspired by the Walt Disney Corporation and its success. I am well aware of the many issues the venerable showbiz magnate faces. Forget that for the moment. The fact is: Disney does showbiz really well. And “Zootopia” is a shining example of talented people in all walks of the business (writing; production; acting; music; graphics; cutting edge technology and a healthy sense of humor) coming together to make a high quality film. The story is classic Disney. You know the themes:
  • Dream big
  • Don’t give up
  • We can work together
  • Good defeats evil
  • Have a happy ending
Zootopia is a pro-police movie, making it politically incorrect from the get-go. Zootopia acknowedges basic animal (i.e., human) instinct in all of us, making it doubly politically incorrect. And it spells out hypocrisy in the way we live, profoundly and without a shred of subtlety, giving it a trifecta of political incorrectness that is beyond unbelievable in the highly-charged society we live in today. There are points in the film that will make you think. These are flashing moments, because it IS an animated flick that seeks first to entertain first, inform second (and yes, those two motivations are not mutually exclusive… my career is proof of that for another example). It does so with aplomb and skill. The production is cutting-edge and brilliant. There is a 3-4-minute segment, based on the single best Department of Motor Vehicles comedy routine I have ever seen, that has a wonderful callback that is just as funny as the original joke. At no point did I think, “This is a good movie, but it’s way too long,” as I do with 90% of what Hollywood spews out this century. “Zootopia” is a picture of us told through the eyes of animals. It’s a very good movie. Again: see it!