Hello everyone and welcome to the year two-thousand-eleven! We want to thank everyone who came to see us at Haddonfield Fortnightly on New Year’s Eve! We had two packed houses and it was a fun night. Hope to see you next year! This year got off to a great start with “National Hypnotism Day,” which took place Tuesday, January 4. Weird, but every time I heard the someone say the word “Hello” I inadvertently started barking like a dog and jumping up and down all day long. Did you hear about the thousands of birds that have died in Arkansas and Louisiana this week? Now we know why those birds are so mad in the popular video game “Angry Birds.” Lucky for us we invested in those new “Kentucky Fried Blackbird” restaurants. And some guy named Alan Gribben has removed the “N-word” from Mark Twain’s book “Huckleberry Finn.” He says he did this to “protect children.” How unfair is this? I guess millions of schoolchildren will now think that Huck and Tom never discussed “Nintendo.” Hope to see you this Sunday, January 9, at First Baptist Church in Orlando! HAPPY NEW YEAR!