What a week! The storms in the Midwest and the south; a Royal Wedding; and a courageous mission by Navy SEALs. We won’t be making fun of, or laughing at, or cheering for the operation that took out Osama bin Laden. The world is safer today, and that’s a good thing. Way to go, President Obama and the USA. There are still funny things happening. Gasoline is $4 a gallon. As a result, people are shopping for smaller cars. Ford is secretly working on a new automobile that gets great mileage and is roomy-yet-tiny. We have the name: CLOWN VICTORIA! Marie Osmond remarried her first husband, which is a nice story. Only the immediate family was invited to the ceremony, so they booked a suitable venue: the convention center. And some plumber in England upgraded and stylized a senior citizen scooter , breaking the world record for this kind of vehicle by going 71.59 miles-per-hour! It doesn’t need brakes, because just like all senior citizen scooters it breaks down whenever it gets to the supermarket or the mall.