Apple Computer denies that iPhones store a record of their user’s movements up to a year. Which is great. But I’d feel a whole lot better if Steve Jobs had not sent me a text message asking why I use my iPhone in the kitchen so much. Impressive news, ladies! For the first time in history, American women have passed men in obtaining both bachelor’s and advanced college degrees. The crack staff here at Taylor Mason Headquarters (TMH) has ascertained the reason: no female college football players! Centenarian Population Total And there are 72,000 people in the USA who are 100 years old or older . Unfortunately, many of them are in the left hand lane of the expressway, driving 35 mph with their right turn signal on. And they’re directly in front of you! I hope you can come out and catch my performance in El Reno, OK, this Saturday April 30. I am performing at the Heaston Community Church. Details on the calendar page on the website. See you there, Oklahoma!