CBS is developing a New York City-based medical soap opera based on "The Wizard of Oz." I've taken on the task of casting the show myself. Quick note: yes, it's really in the works. And yes, it's insane. It's the perfect kind of bad idea and hopeless made-for-TV pap that a network honcho would buy into. You won't just view this on your set, it will literally ooze out of the screen. Dorothy: who else? It's Lindsay Lohan! Who can save her? The Scarecrow: let's see... who can we find out there who doesn't have a brain? So many to choose from! Let's go with Anthony Weiner! The Tin Man: we need someone who doesn't have a heart. George Soros? Al Sharpton? Dick Cheney? I'm going with Alex "it's all about me" Rodriguez. The Cowardly Lion: we need someone who acts like a bully but is truly nothing more than a frightened scaredy-cat who whines and complains all the time... got it! MSNBC-TVs Chris Matthews! The Wicked Witch of The West: duh! Hillary Clinton! The Wicked Witch of The East: again, so many to choose from! Nancy Pelosi? Rosie O'Donnell? Nah, let's go with Nicki Minaj! Glenda (the "good witch"): I really struggled with this. A decent, caring, honest, helpful woman who wants to make the world better? Oprah? I'm going with Ellen Degeneres. Toto: (a lapdog) John McCain. The Flying Monkeys: The Democratic Party The Chanting Marching Soldiers: a bunch of people who make a lot of noise and don't accomplish anything? The Republican Party. The Wizard: any question? It's President Obama! "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"