What a great week last week in Bloomington, Illinois; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Severn Run, Maryland. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows! For everyone who reads the "W-I-R-V-M", here is a physics conundrum for you: Here is a THING. Here is another THING. And another THING. See? It's one THING after another! Without the cliché "one thing after another" the space-time continuum might run in reverse! And where would that leave us? Why, reality television shows, of course!   Thursday, March 22, was spent in Bloomington, Illinois. It was an awesome night at the theater at Bloomington High School - thanks so much to Doug Faulkner and The Immanuel Bible Foundation for having me. And some old fraternity brothers stopped by to catch the show! Here's a pic:

By the way? The tech guys at the high school are some of the most professional I've ever worked with! Here's a pic of them!

This Sunday night, April 1st, I'm in Joplin, Missouri! For all my Missouri friends, and for those who enjoy "Dan and Clay" (http://www.mofb.com/Main/TVAds) on the Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance commercials, the rumor is that Clay will show up and rant for a few minutes! Details: http://www.chcchurch.org/ Showtime = 6:15pm!

See you guys on the road!