Pop Quiz: What do a Neuroscientist, Sound Wellness Expert, Comedian, Artist, Motivational Expert, and Music Composer all have in common? They can all teach you how to put joy into your piano playing. And they all want to teach you how to tickle those ivories... completely, and totally free! Here's the deal: I've just been invited to speak as a guest panelist at the 2015 The Joy Of Playing Piano: Relax & Release Your Inner Piano Player In 5 Minutes A Day Summit. It's a summit of the world's leading piano playing, motivational and success "experts" that takes place over 11 jam-packed days of interviews, speakers and more. This matters to you because... As a loyal follower and friend of mine, you get to attend this event 100% free of charge. Here's what some of the other speakers are going to be covering over the 11 days:
  • Why neuroscientists can't keep their hands off of the piano... and why you might want to reconsider giving up those piano lessons if you want to keep your brain sharp... or decide to start lessons, traditional or non-traditional!
  • The #1 tip to overcoming the dreaded "practice-block"... if you still struggle to sit down and construct a consistent 'practice' then you are gonna LOVE the tips shared in this series.
  • What this comedian and piano superstar knows about turning that passion of music into an irresistible game of laughter and fun... (if you have kids who give you the blank stare when you ask them to practice more, then you need to hear what these experts have to say about choosing their own music & game-type methods!)
  • And much, much more!
If you play piano, or want to play piano, or know someone who wants to play the piano... then this 11 day seminar might just be the transformational experience you've been waiting for. Here's the link to reserve your spot 100% free (no catch). I can't wait to 'see' you there! To your piano playing success, Taylor