HAPPY JULY 4 EVERYONE! I get asked these two questions all the time:
  • Do you travel a lot?
  • What is your favorite audience?
I’m combining answers to both with this: my schedule is borderline psychotic. I once put my itinerary into Google Maps and the internet east of Pittsburgh shut down for a week. Look at my past few days: I fly to Lubbock, TX on a Tuesday, landing at 1:30pm. I go to a gym, work out, go to a hotel and shower. I arrive 90 minutes prior to showtime, do a 5-minute soundcheck with piano and mic, then rock The Baker Hall for 80 minutes. The audience is young people high school to college age, and the energy is insane! I’m up at 4AM the next morning after sleeping maybe 4 hours, and I fly all day to Omaha, Nebraska. I hit a gym then drive 2 hours to Stromsburg, the showbiz capital of Polk County (their Swedish Festival sometimes draws folks from as far away as Box Butte County, which not only describes the area but some people who live there). I perform for some 30-or-so people of all ages, including a little boy who spends much of the evening dancing in front of the stage, even when I’m not playing music! I drive all night after saying my thank you’s and find a hotel outside Des Moines. I get 4 hours of sleep, hit the gym (get the point? I’m an idiot!) and drive to Dubuque, Iowa. I do a 60-minute corporate event for Hubbard Feed. Some comedians hate corporate shows, and some only do these gigs for the money. For me? It’s a chance to write new material (“I see you guys make feed for miniature horses. Cool! Do they have a miniature racetrack? I bet it’s in Rhode Island!”) and meet with an old high school buddy who works for the company. I leave right after the show and drive all night to Chicago, sleep for a couple of hours at a hotel and fly, break-of-dawn, back to Jersey. I perform that night at The Comedy Cabaret in Marlton, where “my crowd” jams the tiny room and I rock for 90 minutes at Casa Carollo, the best family restaurant on Rte 73, in Marlton. The air conditioning is working that night, which is a HUGE bonus! Two nights later I’m somewhere in Pennsylvania, in a tent during a festival of humidity called “Creation.” The crowd is young and loud and edgy, so I do 90-minutes of heat-seeking rock’n’roll, comedy-and-sweat for 1500 crazies, then drive home in a monsoon to move furniture back into our house on the Jersey Shore – my family has fully recovered from Sandy! I’m in Kentucky this week – I’ll be at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington Friday and Saturday, July 5-6! Come on out! Tickets here: https://comedyoffbroadway.com