I missed the turbulent, riotous demonstrations of the 1960’s, so I’m eagerly watching what’s happening on college campuses today. I’m taking for granted this is kind of a callback to those thrilling days of yesteryear when peace and love (and the occasional bombing or call to the National Guard) were commonplace at good ol’ State U. Oops I can’t wait for old hippies to raid their local institution of higher learning and burn their AARP cards, singing “we shall overcome” and smoking e-marijuana. Or, at least burning incense. They represent the aging of Aquarius, and for many it hasn’t been pleasant. The crack staff here at Taylor Mason Headquarters did some research at a couple of major universities here in the USA, and here is - apparently - the way that open debates and the exchange of ideas work today in the hallowed halls of expensive, traditional private and public colleges:
  1. Someone proposes an idea to the group.
  2. The people who oppose the proposer then agree with the proposer’s idea.
  3. The proposer agrees the opposition should totally be supportive of the idea.
  4. The opposer agrees wholeheartedly that the proposer couldn’t be more right about agreeing they were right to support the idea.
  5. The proposer opens the door to debate, and someone from the audience notes it really isn’t a debate if the proposer and the opposer are basically just agreeing with one another.
  6. The proposer and the opposer agree to call security and have the audience member removed from the room.
  7. The proposer proposes another idea that anyone who disagrees with the proposer would not be allowed to attend debates.
  8. The opposer agrees.
  9. All the motions pass and they have the university president fired.