Did you hear about Barbie and Blaine? It’s true. Mattel is launching a new marketing campaign and wants Barbie to dump her new guy and get back together with Ken. Just to help him along, the new Ken doll comes complete with accessories so he can hack into Blaine’s Facebook page and make him look bad. A new Department of Agriculture study says that eggs today have a lot less cholesterol than they did 10 years ago. Duh! Because chickens don’t eat eggs! And just when it looked like Ford Motors was making a comeback, the company recalled 360,000 pick-up trucks because of malfunctioning door handles. Let us get this straight: they finally get a HANDLE ON THEIR PROBLEMS, but now they have a PROBLEM ON THEIR HANDLES?!? Hope to see you this week in The Woodlands, TX; or up in Michigan in Grand Rapids, Gladwin, Alma or Canton!