I don't like time. I don't like time because it's always time for something, but as time goes by it seems like I have less and less time. So I don't like time because I don't have time, and I can't stop time, and it seems like there never is time. temp-clock-faceIf I could make time I would. But I never take time, and on those precious few times that I am right on time it seems like someone says, "OK, time's up!" Then, before I can do anything about it, time flies. Great, now I've lost time, so I have to find the time but time waits for no one and I finally have to admit it to myself: there just isn't any time. Sometimes I get lucky and I have spare time. Occasionally I have time on my hands, but guess what? Time runs out! Yes, time and time again I do something on my own time only to lose track of time. I can't tell you how many times I have asked myself, "Where did the time go?" So, what to do this time? I'd like to be a percussionist, whose job it is to keep time. Instead, I'll have to settle for biding my time and remember that once upon a time there were good times. The best of times, even. There were also bad times and the worst of times, though most times were something in between. Now I'm out of time. Do you know what the key to comedy is? TIMING. But next time you tell that joke, do it this way: ask your audience, "Do you know the key to comedy?" And as they begin to answer, you interrupt them and shout, "TIMING!" Works every time! Join me this Friday and Saturday at The Comedy Cabaret in Doylestown, PA, for a great time. And that's all the time we have... temp-time-flies