sad_santa_57639661It's true. Christmas is a time for family, friends, parties, fun, gifts, love and lots of food. But for some people, Christmas can be painful: the loss of loved ones; nostalgia; personal issues; questions about the future. I worked on The Disney Dream cruise ship for 3 days this week. After one of my sets a woman came up to me and told me she was very depressed - my act had cheered her up (a little) but she told me Christmas is very hard for her. Which prompted the song I wrote in about 5 minutes, and the lyrics appear below. (She loved the song, by the way). -    You can kind of imagine how it sounds, just pretend it’s a blues song with a simple 4/4 beat -
Well here's another Christmas, a time for love and joy - People out shopping for food and clothes and toys. That can make you crazy, makes you want to scream! Someone made a nightmare out of a dream But before you lose perspective, let me give you some news: This year Santa's got the blues. Yeah he's working overtime it’s a 24-hour day, He's got a list to double check, he's got to fix his sleigh, Then he starts packin’ things in a big old laundry sack Liftin’ and totin’ and nearly breakin’ his back The elves aren’t gonna help him, they paid their union dues This year Santa's got the blues (Break) Then he's up there in the atmosphere feeling really old When he gets back home his supper done got cold Feeling taken for granted, feeling tired and used He goes around the planet on a 12-hour flight! Then his woman wants to know where he was all night! It doesn't feel like a holiday if you're wearing Santa's shoes - And this year even Santa's got the blues! (INSTRUMENTAL BREAK) So listen to me friends, are you down and dismayed? Feeling kinda low, alone and betrayed? Well I know one guy with more pressure than me or you! God help us all if old St. Nicholas can't come through Here's the latest update, here's the latest clue - This year Santa's got the blues. He doesn't have GPS, he's not flying first class He's defying gravity and he's hit critical mass Doesn't have auto pilot, wouldn't use it if he did! The FAA can't see him - he's completely off the grid Hope he takes a day off, he deserves at least two - Cause this year even Santa's got the blues!
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