Talking to Myself for Fun and Profit

June 21, 2012

The Broadway revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar” will close in a couple of weeks unless ticket sales improve. How bad are sales? The actor playing Jesus has been standing in front of the theater giving away loaves and fish. I have been accorded a great honor this summer: I will be a guest speaker at the ventriloquist convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, this July 19. Mypresentation will take place on Thursday morning at 10:30AM, in a ballroom at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott – I will be talking about how to put words in the mouth of puppets. All government officials, staffers, politicians and speech writers are encouraged to attend. Information here:

For the 5th time “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” earned the highest ratings worldwide for a television program. Around the planet it’s known as “America’s Got Murders,” except for Mexico where they call it “Fast and Furious: the Series.”

If you’re on the Jersey Shore this week (we’re not talking about the TV Show) I am appearing on Tuesday, June 26 in Ocean City, New Jersey at The Tabernacle at 6pm. Information here:

Thursday, June 28, I’m at the Wildwood Convention Center:

And for those of you in the Philadelphia area, I’m in Doylestown, PA on the The 27th and 28th are morning shows.

And a Brit teen has a rare disorder where she sleeps for long periods of time – she just awoke from a 2 month nap! Personally I’d love to catch the disease and sleep until the November elections are over…