I so wish that comedians would be clean with their acts and movies. There are SO many that would be AWESOME if they didn't cuss all the time. Comedians like Tyler Perry, Jeff Dunham, and Gabriel Iglesias are very talented and they are funny but they talk dirty and curse so much in their acts that it really takes away from it and makes it where you can't enjoy it with your whole family. People don't have to talk dirty to be funny. Stephen and I watched Madea's Witness Protection yesterday and it would have been a VERY good funny movie if there weren't so much cussing in it. You don't have to do that to be funny look at Jeanne Robertson she is HILIARIOUS and her acts are completely clean. Taylor Mason is awesome too again his acts are completely clean you could go to his shows with your whole family and not have to worry about it and just have fun! There need to be more comedians like this. There are so many funny shows I would like to see myself and be able to share with Stephen but I don't want to have to listen to the cussing all the time and there are some things I sure don't want my 13 year old hearing about yet. Clean it up people don't they realize they would make even more money if their shows were suitable for the whole family, and not just the grown-ups?