Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Summer is here! And from the halls of Taylor Mason Headquarters, we’ve got the best way to start the season! You probably had bar-b-que and burgers and hot dogs all weekend, right? You are worried about the old waistline, huh? Feeling like you need to drop a couple of pounds? According to researchers at Loma Linda University in California, repeated bouts of “mirthful laughter” offer the same kind of benefits you can get from moderate exercise! YES! Science says that you can lower cholesterol and lower your blood pressure through laughter. The author of the study, Lee Berk, said, “laughter therapy” is an option for dieters who cannot use physical therapy. http://www.livescience.com/health/090417-laughter-medicine.html  With scientific thought to back us up, and with beaches and pools and outdoor activity calling your body out in skimpy clothing, the solution is clear: COME OUT AND LAUGH THOSE POUNDS AWAY! SEE TAYLOR MASON THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY IN MARLTON, NJ! VENUE: THE COMEDY CABARET ADDRESS: 200 NORTH ROUTE 73  MARLTON, NJ 08053 (It’s right next to Chick-Fil-A at Barker Avenue and Route 73) PHONE:  856-866-5653 (Yes. You need reservations!) SHOWTIMES: 9PM Both Nights TICKETS: $20 (what a bargain!) WEBSITE: http://www.comedycabaret.com/newjersey.html (you can make reservations there, too!)