Condolences to the family of Jim Mraz, the Cleveland, Ohio icon and producer of Children Talk. He passed away early this week, and we have lost a good friend and someone who made a difference in millions of people's lives. Blessings to family and friends. On the opposite end of the life spectrum, congratulations to The Los Angeles Kings who won pro hockey's Stanley Cup. It's their first championship in 45 years of existence. Those odds, one winner in 45, are the exact same odds as a successful marriage in Hollywood. Personal thanks to everyone at Stonegate Fellowship Church in Midland, Texas. My travel day last week consisted of 4 cancelled flights and misplaced bags in a day that started at 4AM and didn't end until 1145PM. We are thankful and blessed by the good folks at Stonegate - WE OWE YOU ONE! (or two...) Taco Bell has already sold more than 100 million Doritos Locos Tacos. WE WANT TO BE THE FIRST TO WELCOME A NEW FOOD GROUP! (and our apologies to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg... this flies in the face of everything he stands for). THANK YOU COMEDY CABARET! We played the Marlton Cabaret in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago, and the Doylestown Cabaret in suburban Philadelphia last Saturday. Two of the best comedy clubs we play. Thank you Andy, Tony and Pete (and your wife, too!) My schedule has been crazed: Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin this month. My "Maps" app on the ol' iPhone literally came up "I QUIT" yesterday. I am appearing in Austin, Texas, this Sunday night June 17! One show at 7pm at the Westover Hills Church of Christ. This will be fun! Westover Hills Church of Christ 8332 Mesa Drive Austin, TX 78759 512-345-5512 SEE YOU THERE!