Hi, everyone. Here is some free advice for all the readers of “The Week-In-Rear-View-Mirror.” For those of you who want to be leaders, here is a quick and easy way to gain a large following: drive on a major highway or freeway. Get in the left-hand lane. Drive EXACTLY the speed limit, not a bit faster. Within minutes you’ll have a long line of folks who are following YOU! CONGRATULATIONS! Remember: Reach for the stars! But be careful. You might pull a muscle. Always do your best. If you can’t set a good example, then you’re the opposite: a horrible warning. The choice is yours! Here at Taylor Mason Headquarters, we feel the people of the Middle East are on the right track. Yes, we know they’re still throwing bombs and blowing up their elected public officials. They’re one step away from the basic rule of a democracy: don’t throw bombs! THROW MONEY! As everyone knows, “pro” is the opposite of “con.” Therefore: “Progress” is the opposite of “Congress.” Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in Taylorville, Illinois, this Saturday, November 7! And I will be at “COMEDY OFF-BROADWAY” in Lexington, Kentucky – Monday, November 9 and Tuesday November 10! See you there!