Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and anyone who stops by taylormason.com! We love Thanksgiving, the holiday where we all give thanks for the blessings we have and for the nation we live in. It's all about the three F's: Food, Friends and Family! Actually, the entire event is similar to the process in thermodynamics known as "entropy" - the measure of organization in a closed system. Basically, the universe is gradually wearing down because the individual particles engage in random motion. Energy therefore becomes less and less concentrated and, as this disorder increases, the energy declines. Same with Thanksgiving dinner: the excitement builds all morning, hits the apex when the turkey is served at dinner, and gradually winds down until the last play of the final NFL game that night. Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by our site; has come to a show; has purchased something from our online store; or is a fan of my act. Many thanks to the great staff at Slightly Mad Communications for their hard work and creative input at taylormason.com. NOW GO HAVE SOME TURKEY!