I will appear at First United Methodist Church in Moorestown, NJ, on April 25! Showtime 7pm. Ticket information at www.taylormason.com! Do you want to be a leader in today’s world? Do you want to have hundreds – if not thousands - of people following your every move? Do you want to leave the pack behind and take people on a ride they’ll never forget? Easy! Next time you’re on a two-lane road, drive the speed limit. Our hearts and prayers to out to the people of West Virginia, and especially the miners and their families who experienced such an awful event. There are people who still try and convince me that nuclear power is dangerous. HA! The first signs of spring! Robin Red Breast is back, chirping his song! Buds are sprouting on the trees! Ah, and there’s the sound of bat on ball, the ball hitting leather, and major league baseball players whining again… Take me out to the ballpark, Take me out to the game. A hot dog costs ten bucks and I know how come, They have to pay for this new stadium. Cause it’s greed, greed, greed throughout the game When they lose players won’t accept blame. For it’s one, two, three strikes fans are out At the old ball game. A word to the wise: be careful if you reach for the stars. You could pull a muscle.