December 9, 2010

(A Parody of a Rolling Stones song called “Sympathy For The Devil.” I don’t have sympathy for the devil, but I do have sympathy for Santa Claus, one of the hardest-working people in the world. What he does in one night is, frankly, beyond belief. So I took the “Glimmer Twins” classic rock song and turned it into a Christmas song. First, since it’s about Satan, I just jumbled the letters S-A-T-A-N and turned that into “SANTA.” Then I re-wrote the lyric for the most famous toy delivery-man in history. Hope you enjoy).


Download the song: Sympathy4Santa.mp3

Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m the jolly man with taste
I come around but once a year
I give lots of stuff away
I was around when you were sleeping
I knew when you were awake
Make darn sure you wash your hands and baby scrub your face

Please to meet you – Hope you guess my name
What you’re gonna get this year is the nature of my game
Stuck around the North Pole when I saw all the reindeer
Got the elves and the toy store in mass production here
I got a sled! My suit is red! I fly around while you’re in bed!
I’m pleased to meet you – I hope you guess my name
But what I give to you this year is the nature of my game

I watch with glee while your family
Opens a box of toys for girls and boys
I shouted “Merry Christmas Nigh’!”
To everyone, including you and I
So let me please introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and fame
I fly around on the 24th
From Bangor to Bombay
I’m pleased to meet you – Hope you guess my name
What you get from me this year is the nature of my game

(Elves sing backup)

Ho Ho!
(Hear the elf!)