The University of California-Davis officials are investigating allegations that a professor polled his students on what grad to give a classmate. They knew something was up, because the football players votes were divided among three grades: “Punt, Pass or Kick .” In a study of 3000 children in Singapore, researchers found that those who play 20 hours of video games a week have a much better chance at being depressed or anxious than children who play less than 20 hours a week. No kidding! Especially if they point their game controllers out the window and the birds don’t hit any little green pigs! And our favorite study come from The University of Durham in England, where the research team has proclaimed drinking seven cups of caffeinated coffee will cause a person to see hallucinations ! Well duh! They’re all shaking! I will be in Owasso, Oklahoma next Saturday night at the Performing Arts Center! See you there!