Doesn’t it seem as if there is more animosity in Washington, D.C., than ever before? They can’t get together on anything.  For their part, the Republican plan seems to boil down to a period of waiting for the next elections in November. They’re just sitting back, watching the Democratic party implode, and then the GOP will come in and change everything, right?  With all due respect, that sounds like the very same plan Cuba and most Latin American dictatorships have! I watched Jerry Seinfeld’s new show, “The Marriage Ref.” Ouch. Is this the same ref. who was betting and throwing all those NBA games a couple of years ago? I hope so. Then they can arrest him, throw him in jail, and let this show head off into Jay-Leno-at-10pm-land. SOMETHING TO PROVE

By Taylor Mason (from the song “Something To Prove” by Taylor Mason)

It was 1983 and I was wearing my favorite rugby shirt Watching Mellencamp on Don Kirschners Rock Concert 20-plus years later I’m in a compromised position Out on the west coast and I have an audition For one of those TV shows That might use someone like me The kind of show that might use me The pianos’ not a piano it’s a Yamaha Motif I said, “You must be kidding, this thing’s broken! Oh, Good grief!” So the casting director takes a call and his assistant rolls her eyes And I take the moment to change my subject matter on the fly Love the process Love the mess Cause I am a survivor I’ve always been a survivor In walks a tattooed guy with a nose ring and bleached hair He looks a lot like all the other production people there He stares at me like I’m his dad - like I’m supposed to move “I’m  working here, but you can stay, I have nothing to prove.” He joins the staff I get laughs So I had something to prove I lied, I had something to prove The audition’s finally over, I’m to wait outside With a bunch of creepy showbiz types, no place I can hide A bubble-headed bleach blond says, “I’m in the industry.” I say, “That’s great. You make steel? Or own a factory?” L.A. hip-speak I’m not hip I just have something to prove I always have something to prove Now I’m flying home from audition one-thousand-and-ten They liked me, BUT -  I’ll let ‘em hatch, before I count my chickens Besides I have another, late this month, I’m back out west I’ll walk into the interview and I’ll give them my best Whatever Whatsoever I have something to prove I always have something to prove