This is what I posted on my Facebook this morning. Sliders game last night = 5 free tickets, hot, rain, HOT & humid, in sun by dugout, umbrella to block sun, towel to wipe off wet seats, 45-min delay in game, football throwing to crowd by Rex (visiting team), thrown to "us" (2 - 6-year-olds & me), caught by dad behind us (over my head), given to Eric to throw back, game starts, 15-20 min delay in 1st inning to dry up 2nd base, bouncy house hot & humid, watch game, bouncy house, bathroom, watch game, leave for DQ to eat supper & cool off, game, tired 6-yr-old to take home, game, then TAYLOR MASON and the 3 'remaining' kids and I laughed so hard it made all the irritations and distractions worth it!! THANK YOU WLUJ and Taylor Mason, we were still laughing and telling your jokes wth Grandma & Grandpa at 11 pm! Sharon Springfield, IL