As a fan of "The Simpsons" cartoon (fave episode: Flanders takes over for the preacher at the church, and almost turns the congregation into terrorists) we are THRILLED to hear that The Vatican claims Homer Simpson is Catholic! If you look closely, it's true that he wears a specially designed crucifix that doubles as a bottle-opener. And if you listen closely at Mass, you'll hear him mumble, "Mmmmmmmm... crackers!" Also from Europe: The Swiss have broken through the last bit of rock in a 35.4 mile long tunnel that will allow people to go underground from one end to the other of the Alps. That is such a long tunnel, you'll feel like a Chilean miner before you see the light of day  again! Toyota has come up with a new, special plastic for car interiors that is made from plants. And, as a bonus, in the fall it changes color! Nick Mason (not related... we don't think... but then again maybe!) says his band, Pink Floyd, might reunite and tour again. The proceeds would go to charity. First on the list:People for The Ethical Treatment of Pigs . (Paco's favorite PF album is "Pigs" by the way!) And finally a Seattle-area woman was attending her court-ordered anger-management class when she stabbed another student there! She has been charged with assault, and since her victim survived, she'll receive an "incomplete" instead of an "F.