Thanks everyone in Columbia, Missouri who came to the shows last weekend at Déjà vu! Great club, an INCREDIBLE staff and we will never forget the women of Phi Mu (and their moms). My pal Romeo is running for president? I dunno… but check out this video:


I will be in Neosho, Missouri this Saturday night at Crowder College – 7pm show. COME ON OUT AND SEE US EVERYONE IN SOUTHWEST MIZZOU!

Here in New Jersey a dermatologist says the excessively-tanned woman who allegedly took her 5-year-old into a tanning booth suffers from a rare disease called “tanorexia” (another Jersey babe – well, not really, but kinda – named “Snookie” suffers from the same thing). Tanorexia is the feeling you have to always be tan, and its main symptom is dreaming that you are a rotisserie chicken.

Finally, a pic of me with old college roommate Frank Herold and his mom. We had a blast catching up at Generations Church in Trinity, Florida.  See you on the road!