There is a disease on the loose, and I’m afraid there is no easy way to say it: “pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism” It’s harmless. But as I stated, there is no easy way to say it. It’s one of the hardest words in the world to pronounce. It’s related to calcium deficiencies (hypoparathyroidism – which is the second hardest word to pronounce), so make sure you’re getting your calcium! Otherwise you’ll have to use the word in conversation, and there is no easy way to say “pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism.” By the way? It would be covered under President Obama’s new healthcare plan, BUT ONLY IF YOU SPELL IT CORRECTLY ON YOUR FIRST TRY! Here is what I watched on TV last week:
  • LOST
In other words, all I saw was stuff about the health care debate! Congratulations to rapper T.I., who won two BET Hip-Hop Awards last week, even though he’s in prison. We understand he’ll receive the hardware later this month, probably delivered to him baked in a pound cake. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater in Sarasota last week! It was a blast! It’s one of the nicest comedy clubs in the USA, and the audiences are amazing! Hope to be back soon. This week I’m coming to Wisconsin! I’m at the Cal Center in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, on Saturday night, October 17! Tickets are $10: Sunday night, October 18, come see me at Grace Fellowship Church in York, PA. Tickets are $5 at the door! www.grac