Past Projects

Move Over, Simon and Garfunkel:  The Graduate Song

Romeo Meets Timmy 

The BBQ Song!

Click to listen to Taylor’s super-fun song America the BBQ about The Home of the Brave and the Land of the Grill.  Enjoy!



Meet Daniel Ulibarri

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Daniel Ulibarri, or as we call him here at Taylor Mason Headquarters, “Taylor 2.0.” Watch his performance and you’ll see the future! I hope I can be his opening act someday! Daniel is performing again in the spring of 2013, and we’ll try and post his next video as well. You have to admit, he does a great job! Good luck, Daniel!


Here is an updated presentation from Daniel.

A video from 1991 (WHOA!) – Taylor Mason with Ed Begley, Jr.

More Coming Soon! (I know you are thinking, how can “Past Projects” be “Coming Soon?” That doesn’t even make sense. But we’re starting from the future, and working backwards. Stay tuned, folks. We’ll be right back.)