Hello Mr. Mason! My family and I just got home from our Disney Magic cruise a few hours ago. This was actually our third time seeing you on a Disney ship (the other times were on the Dream) and your shows were hilarious as always! Last night during the first goodbye show, you and Romeo happened upon my older brother, Brian. We were sitting in the front row. My brother was very uneasy sitting up front to begin with, because he was afraid you would pick him out. My mother and I assured him that would never happen, so of course it happened. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! He was the fellow who said he lived in Orlando and worked for Publix grocery. In reality he works for WDW, and was far too shy to say so. In fact he hardly ever reveals that he is a cast member when we go on our Disney cruises. He did work for Publix once, so it wasn't a total fib. More like a fiblet. But I don't think I will ever be able to go grocery shopping again without thinking of Romeo telling him that cantaloupes don't talk. Needless to say, we sat in the back of Fathoms for your performance later that evening. We aren't your typical Disney cruisers. It's just us three, our Mom and her two grown kids. Dad passed away in 2011 so we like to go on vacations together. We feel like he would have really liked that we spend time together. So we do. This became way too long, so I apologize for that, and I will end this message here. This was just my long-winded way of saying thank you again for the laughs. :) Sincerely, ~melissa~