Just wanted to say that my husband and I always enjoy your shows on the Disney ships. Most recently we saw you on the Fantasy Halloween cruise a couple of weeks ago. Bravo!!! I also want to share a true story with you. I am a librarian and began my career working with children. I have a number of puppets that the children used to love to see and interact with (didn't matter that I am definitely not a ventriloquist). One day I had my pig puppet, Francis Bacon, with me. He was sitting on a table to one side of the activities room with the books I had used for the pre-school programs that day. An older group of children had just finished an after school craft at a different table and all had left but one 10 year old boy. I went out of the room to get a book for one of the other children and as I re-entered I saw that he had picked up Francis and was cradling him in his arms. I quietly backed up so that I wouldn't startle and embarrass him, since I knew he was very shy and would take a ribbing if his friends saw him with Francis in his arms. He began talking to Francis and said, "It's ok little pig. You don't have to be scared of me. I would never eat you. I am Jewish." Needless to say, Paco's comments about BBQ and liking Jews best, really struck a chord with me. Grin! Melissa Hasbrouck