I know there are more readers this week since the unemployment rate plummeted from 10.2 percent to 10 percent, and all 14 of you who got jobs can afford to get online again! Welcome! Break out the party hats and noisemakers America, the recession is over! Our favorite story of the week comes from the famous Christie’s auction house in New York City, where a letter written in 1787 by the father of our country, George Washington, sold for more than $3 million. The crack staff here at Taylor Mason Headquarters was able to get a copy, and we were stunned when we read the very beginning. It starts, “Dear Larry King: thanks for the suspenders.” The most popular toys this year are the Zhu Zhu Pet toy hamsters, which are getting black market prices as high as $50 for what should be a $15 item. Now comes news that the little gadgets might be unsafe, as a (jealous) consumer group claims a chemical in their fur is dangerous. We were going to go along with the story until we found out the complaint came from folks named Barbie, Joe and Elmo. Finally, here in New Jersey, we are so happy to report that the NBA franchise, New Jersey Nets, actually won a game. After losing their first 18 games, the team won! The only problem? Here at The Week-In-Rear-View-Mirror, we were selling T-Shirts with the name “New Jersey Nyets” (Nyet meaning “NO”, as in “no wins”). Oh, well. Merry Christmas everyone!