I was in Northern California last Saturday (thank you everyone in Hanford!). While there I was amazed to learn a story that has haunted me ever since. I had to share it with you. Just outside of Yosemite National Park, anthropologists discovered an enormous statue of “Sasquatch.” The structure was hand-carved entirely out of coal, and Governor Schwarzenegger had the state of California declare it a Native American Preserve. There are plans now to build a park and a museum there, but wouldn’t you know? As with many of these situations in the “Golden State,” the Environmental Protection Agency has denied the request for any kind of public facility. As a matter of fact, the E.P.A. wants the statue destroyed. Why, you ask? That’s what I wanted to know! I spoke with a California E.P.A. staff member “Summer Treehugher,” who told me the reason for outlawing the giant Sasquatch was – It had too big a carbon foot print. I’m at Christ’s Church in Federal Way, Washington, this Saturday night October 31 (yes, that’s Halloween). Hope to see you there! taylor