Jeopardy is still the favorite game show here at Taylor Mason Headquarters (TMH). We live for the day that the category is “Stuff Nobody Could Possibly Know,” which we would gladly take for $600. If my life were a game of Jeopardy, the five categories would be:  
  • Plot Lines From TV Show “Full House” (favorite episode: DJ breaks up with her boyfriend and is going to throw herself off a mountain – but doesn’t!)
  • Early 00’s “EMO” Bands (“EMO Music” = 4 musicians, 3 chords, 2 tempos, 1 song!)
  • Stupid iPhone Applications (There are so many! The “pimple-popper” ranks right up there)
  • The Channel 8 News Team (The serious anchor; the ditsy blond; the goofy weather guy; the gung-ho sports guy!)
  • Clothing I Never Should Have Bought and Will Never Wear (That blue jean suit jumps to mind)
  • Naturally we’ll need a couple of back-up categories for “Final Jeopardy” and what-not. Those categories would include:
  • Stuff In The Back of My Closet That Will Never Be Eaten (These “Lard-O’s” have an expiration date of January, 2002)
  • The Women of Wal-Mart (It’s 3 A.M. and there she is: spandex, big hair and a VISA card)
  My Life As A Game of Jeopardy should not only tell you about what kind of TV shows I like, but should also tell you a lot about me as a person! Thanks for reading!