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Wanna Play Piano?

May 28, 2015

Pop Quiz: What do a Neuroscientist, Sound Wellness Expert, Comedian, Artist, Motivational Expert, and Music Composer all have in common? They can all teach you how to put joy into your piano playing. And they all want to teach you how to tickle those ivories… completely, and totally free! Here’s the deal: I’ve just been […]

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May 26, 2015

The restaurant is officially named “The Harvey Cedars Shellfish Company,” and it’s often called “The Clam Bar,” because that’s what it says on the sign. But we – the people who frequent the establishment – call it “Nell’s.” Nell, the woman who controls the place, is synonymous with the quirky nature of seating protocols, the […]

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Taylor’s Time Travel

May 20, 2015

I use two algorithms for keeping time. The traditional clock as set by “Greenwich Mean Time” (Isn’t time ALWAYS mean, in some way? It’s certainly unforgiving!), and my own time, which is really nothing more than a “countdown” clock of sorts. I travel for a living, and my personal clock starts the moment I walk […]

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Camp Happyland

April 29, 2015

So I broke my rule. The “never drive to a gig that is more than 5 hours away” rule. I had been pretty successful at following this little travel law for years, but recently I’ve found myself driving from, say, Erie, Pennsylvania to our house on Long Beach Island in one 6-hour bout of insanity. […]

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April 6, 2015

Creative product and output is under assault these days, mostly because the information age allows for anyone to take anything and call it their own. I’m not complaining – it’s part of the business. So when I post a line, let’s say this one, on Twitter: “The New York Times has a new Men’s Style […]

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