It’s time for music theory, as taught by me, your humble teacher and conductor, Taylor Mason. Favorite classical piece: Bronze Lullaby. Favorite Gershwin piece: Rap City In Blue (Hardcore Mix) What is a “harp?” Answer: a naked piano! What is music sung by 2 people? Answer: a duel! (Which defines the Nelly and Tim McGraw song “Over and Over”) What is a Virtuoso? Answer: a musician with really high morals and a pristine record, not to mention unparalleled ethics! Who was Rossini? Answer: a guy who invented pasta. A text-message summation of Beethoven: he wrote music even though he was deaf. In fact, he was so deaf he wrote really LOUD music. If he were alive today he would be celebrating the 186th anniversary of his death. (That’s true – he died in 1827) What is a Refrain? Answer: something you should try not to do. It’s the part in the song where you don’t sing. What is a Fugue? Answer: it’s a battle between musicians, kinda like a gang war. What is a Sextet? Answer: I’d rather not talk about this one. A text-message summation of J. S. Bach: he had many children, but still found time to practice on an old spinster in the attic. The big news in this blog? I will be performing this summer, every Thursday night starting July 25, on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey! Shows are at 8:15pm and you can get all the information right here: OR! Call 609-399-0006  See you there!