Mr, Taylor Mason, Thank you so much for such a fantastic night in Waldorf, MD! We'd received the postcard for a clean comedy show and thought it would be a great change of pace and an opportunity to get the family out. You met Erik tonight (family calls him Christian) and you had such an impact on his life! You see Erik has suffered from severe Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.) and manic depression for the past several years. S.A.D. is an unrealistic and uncontrollable fear of social situations and being the center of attention for fear of persecution and judgement. I have seen him come home in tears after struggling for up to two hours just to say 'hi' to someone. Two years ago, the disorder got so bad that he developed manic depression and had to be hospitalized because he was so lonely and became suicidal - began emptying out his closet as he planned to hang himself. Love was the only thing to see both him and us through it. This year, we have seen his confidence grow as we support him and try to get him out in more and more situations. His grades have improved substantially and he smiles so much more when outside of his comfort zone (he viewed anyone outside of home as 'bad' and would rarely leave the house). To see the way you picked him out of the audience and see him go up bravely on that stage, the way you encouraged and energized him, the crowd cheering him on, he was so proud & brave! We were so proud of him! What it took for him to go up there. What an impact! Although he was scared to death, his face red and his heart racing when he sat down, he had so much fun and we saw his confidence just beam through him! He wanted so much to speak with you and to thank you but was anxious about having to wait in line. You just welcomed him so warmly as he came around to shake your hand ahead of the crowd - he couldn't stop talking about it all night and looked at the pictures over and over! Now he knows he is strong enough and brave enough to do it again and more! Thank you for being such a blessing! Please don't ever forget the impact you have on those you meet as I know Erik will never forget the impact you had on him! Ever grateful, Micki Givens (Rosario)/Erik Rosario and Christian [Erik] Tweet: (we posted your pics)