Mother Teresa, the incredibly openhearted, loving and inspirational Catholic who spent her life in service to humanity and God, was once asked what she would say to her Lord in Heaven if and when they met. Her response: "He has a lot of explaining to do." I've always loved that quote. It's a fun game, wondering how God would answer questions we cannot figure out. There are even books written under the premise, "Children's Questions To God," always lighthearted and sincere. I have some questions of my own. This is my "Mother Teresa Moment" for all to see. God, I need some explanations.
  • I believe in prayer, and I've seen the power of prayer. But why do you answer late, and often without attention to detail?
  • Why do the exceptional get thwarted on a regular basis?
  • Why does the shrinking of elderly people's bodies coincide with their sudden desire to own very large automobiles, particularly sedans and winnebagos?
  • Why did you concentrate the wealth, and the oil?
  • What is the deal with making people wait for long periods of time, usually under fluorescent lighting?
  • Why Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus?
  • Why-oh-why did you create compromise?
  • What is the deal with good things happening to bad people, and good people suffering bad things?
  • I want to know your motivation for creating gossip, infection, mosquitoes and butter.
  • Why does bad behavior get mistaken for talent?
  • "Let there be light" - cool. But why "Let there be autobiography?" Why "Let there be child performers?" And "Let there be Jenny McCarthy?" I really need to know!
  • Are you aware that part of the human condition is that a person's hair color determines his-or-her personality? What's up with that?
  • Why did you give people hormones before they have completed their education?
I might get some answers from one of the most inspirational and talented groups in music today. I share the stage with gospel music stars "THE ISAACS" in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois on September 19-20. Tickets Here