lieIn a follow-up to my blog of February 13, I have been following the lies in socio-political circles ever since. And they just keep coming! Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky told people he had earned 2 degrees from Baylor University, when it turns out he didn’t graduate from there at all! Hmmmm… What’s worse? Not having a degree or lying about having one? Paul did graduate with a medical degree from Duke University, but don’t you have to question someone who tries to embellish his background for political and career opportunities? Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly was accused of lying about his reportage in South America during the Falklands War and social upheaval in Argentina back in the 1980s, but then the reporter who “broke” the story turned out to be lying. So when a liar calls someone a liar, who really lied? Was it the liar or the liar? If you cannot trust anyone, where do you get the truth? But my favorite lie for today is the story on cholesterol! Here are the facts. As I reported in my first podcast science is never wrong. Science deals only with the facts. And it turns out the fact is that cholesterol is NOT related to heart disease as we have been told for 30 years! The science wasn’t wrong! THE STORY WAS A LIE. Nobody had all the facts. So for 30 years the USA has been lied to about cholesterol. Which leads me to ask you: is man-made global warming the truth? Or is it a man-made lie?