Merry Christmas to everyone who stops by to read The Week-In-Rear-VIew-Mirror, or "WIRVM" as we call it. Christmas came early in South Korea. There is a new iPhone app there which allows men to create a virtual girlfriend who video-calls them a few times every day. The only drawback? The girls are from North Korea, and they look like Kim Jong-il. We couldn't believe it, but media mogul Ted Turner says he's "almost to the edge of poverty." Of course, just to the other side of that fine line is "overwhelming wealth," and that's where Ted currently resides. And looking for a gift for the family who has everything? We have the dream vacation for them! We're not kidding, either. The nation of The Ukraine has announced that they're opening the Chernobyl nuclear plant to tourists in 2011. Awesome! It'll be like Las Vegas, only that glow every night has nothing to do with electric lights.  It's every kids dream: "Mommy, I don't want to go to Disney World. I want to see Chernobyl and grow another arm!"