Merry Christmas everyone! If you live in the northeastern part of the USA, we are having an Anti-Global-Warming festival. Snow! Freezing temperatures! Icicles! It’s so cold in Washington, DC, the Democrats are letting the Republicans filibuster just for the hot air!

Congratulations to Kiefer Sutherland, celebrity actor and star of FOX-TV’s “24.” Don’t tell anyone that he just turned 43, or he’ll become Jack Bauer and kill you!

Did you hear that congress will vote on the health care bill at 7pm on Christmas Eve? All those in favor say “Aye!” Those opposed say, “Humbug!” Sad-but-true: a new study says the global reindeer population has dropped by 60 percent this decade due to climate change. Word is that Santa Claus is looking for a loaner. More sad news from Santa: he drove his sleigh into a Christmas tree when Mrs. Clause found out he had an affair with a waitress at the local diner. Santa is threatening to call off his midnight ride because nobody believes in him any more. From all of us here at TAYLOR MASON HEADQUARTERS, here’s wishing you a joyous holiday and a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for stopping by the site and we hope to see you live in 2010!