Hey, everyone! A couple of quick notes before I get to some promotional stuff. Whenever I hear an announcer on a news/media broadcast refer to you and I as “ordinary, everyday, average Americans,” I want to taser them. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ORDINARY, AVERAGE, EVERYDAY AMERICAN! However, there are thousands of average, everyday, ordinary media broadcasters. It’s spring training for pro baseball! The best part of the season for those of us who root for the Chicago Cubs. It’s all downhill from here… I have a lot of really fun stuff coming up! I’m doing an online call-in appearance on “ventriloquist central” this coming Thursday night, March 15, 2012. DETAILS HERE  I will be on the radio Monday morning, March 19 on “The Cities 92.9” in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois at 645am Central Time. You can listen in and stream the audio here: www.cities929.com And I have a comedy club gig in Columbia, Missouri at “Déjà vu”, right downtown, April 26-28. This will be a fun weekend in a great club! See you there! My friend, the author David Friedman, pointed this out to me and its true: every time you hear someone tell you they have the “secret” to success, happiness, money, weight-loss, good looks or anything else, call them on it. BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SECRETS! We all know what it takes to get what we want: sacrifice, hard work, effort, honesty, focus, will power and help from other good people. No, people do not just “luck into” success. No, people are not “given” anything. Successful people work for what they get. Don’t pay attention to whiners, cheaters, liars, and folks who don’t make an effort – in other words, surround yourself with good folks you trust.