UPCOMING SHOW IN CHERRY HILL, NJ, THIS SATURDAY MARCH 20. DETAILS BELOW!   It’s here again! MARCH MADNESS! Or, as they call it in Washington, D.C: the push to get the president’s health care plan approved. Did you move your clock forward on Sunday? Daylight Savings Time is here, and we all lost an hour. The number one movie in these United States is “Alice In Wonderland,” and even the White Rabbit was affected by the time change. During each showing of the film all weekend he kept saying, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get, especially when I lose an hour to Daylight Savings Time!” WARNING! There is a frightening new virus going around, that affects human beings of every race, creed and background. It’s an odd compulsion to straighten picture frames on walls in homes, museums, schools and office buildings. The name of this affliction: ART-RIGHTIS. I had to drive into New York City this past weekend, along with four teen-agers sitting behind me laughing and shouting and eating and making fun of me. The windows were fogged up beyond the capacity of the defroster to clear so I could see, and so my van was hot and uncomfortable and the Lincoln Tunnel was backed up for three miles due to an accident. The engine overheated and we got stuck. I was suffering an anxiety attack, when I realized: I HAD CARPOOL TUNNEL SYNDROME! HEY PHILADELPHIA AND SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY AND EVERYONE WITHIN AN HOUR’S DRIVE!! I WILL APPEAR THIS SATURDAY NIGHT AT SWANKY BUBBLES RESTAURANT IN CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY! (Reservations Recommended!) www.comedycabaret.com 482 EVESHAM ROAD  CHERRY HILL, NJ 08003 856-866-5653 SHOWTIME: 8PM  TICKETS: $20 COMEDY! MUSIC! VENTRILOQUISM! MAYHEM!