Here in New Jersey, headquarters for Taylor Mason Incorporated, we can’t wait for summer. Neither can the officials of Belmar, NJ, a nice town on the shore, who have repealed a law banning sandcastles on their beaches! Now they want to go a step further and repeal the ban on Frisbee throwing. We knew something like this might happen because the only spring break visitors Belmar ever gets are from seminaries and convents. Unbelievable! The state-run Iranian new agency “Fars” (as in “Far Away Really Stupid”) claims Iran has created the world’s first flying saucer. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says there is no connection between the spacecraft and reports of government protesters being abducted by aliens. And only a few days till baseball season begins! The Seattle Mariners are giving fans who attend home games this season a special treat: small bags of compost. Chicago Cubs fans don’t want to hear it. The compost plays all nine positions in the field at Wrigley. And The New York Yankees will give their fans something to bury in the back yard this year, as well: Red Sox bobblehead dolls. I will be in Ocean City, Maryland on Friday night, March 25th. And I’m joining The Disney Magic Cruise Ship on Saturday, March 26th for 3 days down into the eastern Caribbean!