[caption id="attachment_2041" align="alignright" width="400"]My Messy Office My Office: Post Drone Strike[/caption] A rare couple of days at home so I have a few minutes to collect my thoughts, not always easy and probably not a good thing. I got up early today so I could be unproductive and waste more time than usual, which I’ve accomplished. (I did vote and took the dog for his first walk of the day, so there’s that.) My wife is actively looking for a new job. Not me. I can’t. My skill set doesn’t match up with anything in real life (and yet I’m still way overqualified for most jobs on Craig’s List). So I’m in my office which looks like it was droned, and I’m working at my iPad while I’m working at my desktop - a Mac. I’m working on separate documents on both machines at the same time. Am I multi-tasking? No, that is so last century! I AM STEREO-TYPING! Some quick PC book titles:
  • The Cranially-Absent Horseman
  • Westward De-Criminalized Sex Worker!
  • The King James Anti-Atheist Handbook
All this “work” reminds me what I saw yesterday, driving on busy Route 38, a four-lane highway here in south Jersey. There was a student taking his driving test in a brightly painted car that read, “LEARN TO DRIVE.” The driver, his teacher, and I watched the woman in the car between us, taking her own personal driving test circa 2014: she was steering with one knee, texting on her iPhone 6 and applying make-up. Now THAT’S multi-tasking for this century! Stay tuned for some special stuff coming from me for this upcoming holiday season! Taylor