Pants on Fire CartoonYou know what the great thing about being a ventriloquist is? I mean besides the fact that the puppets are far better than actors (because puppets don’t use, they don’t abuse, they show up on time, they rehearse and prepare diligently and they perform EXACTLY the way the script was written). The great thing is that yes, it’s weird to talk to myself for a living, but in the end the only person I trust for the truth is myself. In other words, I’m honest with myself. (I think the puppets are honest with me….) So Brian Williams, the NBC News Anchor, told some half-truths and embellished some stories and maybe stretched the truth a little. OK, he lied. You know what? I don’t care. When it comes to the media, celebrity, politics and “the news,” do any of us believe anything? And if you do believe everything that comes from those sources, aren’t you just lying to yourself? Global warming? I bet the people of Boston, Massachusetts would call that a lie right now. Obamacare is less expensive, better for everyone and you get to keep your doctor? Uh, that is an INSANE lie, based on politics. Which is, quite frankly, a definition of lying. (Politician = Liar) Islam is a religion of “peace?” Please. Read the Koran. There are 109 verses calling Muslims to war with nonbelievers! A faith based on winning friends and influencing people thru beheading CANNOT be referred to as a “religion of peace.” But we’re all accepting of these lies and more, and I think I know why. The truth is really, really boring. And it’s not what people watch, listen to and vote for. Which would you rather hear?

The New England Patriots won all those games this season because their players were better, the coaches were better and they executed better than everyone else.


The New England Patriots won because they cheat and lie!

Who wants to admit that this team just outplayed everyone? It’s better to believe the “lie,” i.e., “they deflated the balls and that made it easy to win!” Notice that ESPN, the network solely responsible for spreading the lie, has been mum about it since the Super Bowl? They lied. They don’t care. And neither do the viewers. WE WOULD RATHER BELIEVE THE LIE! And I get that. Because “honesty is the best policy” is, in and of itself, a lie. Honesty gets you fired. Telling the truth means the loss of your job. A sincere effort to “get to the bottom of it” can put you in jail. Sharyl Attkisson, a news reporter (she obviously doesn’t understand that “news” is a euphemism for “lies”), was hacked and followed by the Obama Administration because her reporting got too close to the “truth.” She had to be dealt with. Her boss, the CBS “News” Department, told her any stories regarding misrepresentations of “truth” by the Obama Administration, the Justice Department or the IRS were not worthy of air time. Her investigations find that Hillary Clinton, the next president of The United States (is there any question? Or am I lying?) has told some whoppers herself (Benghazi, the alleged “sniper fire” she ran thru in the Middle East, not to mention her husband’s… uh… “misrepresentation" of the truth while president). I think Ms. Clinton will be our next president, if she does run for the office, and I think that for the most plausible reason: she lies. We like liars. That’s the “truth.”