Yes, that was I performing on LAST COMIC STANDING on Thursday, June 12, 2008, the NBC-TV vehicle that is in its 6th season.  I want to thank everyone who sent me an email or posted a comment or called.  I had a blast doing the show, and I (of course!) have a tale to tell.  Now that I’m getting into the world of big-time television, I was drawn to the news that Oprah Winfrey has topped Forbes Magazine’s latest Celebrity 100 list of the richest, most influential artists, athletes and personalities.  She finished ahead of Tiger Woods, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce Knowles.  WHOA!  Here at Taylor Mason Headquarters, we like to call them “The Four B’s”: Biggie, Birdies, Babies and Booty. You can watch my performance on LCS here - mea=262656, and please leave a comment! Rate the video (10 Stars!) THANK YOU!!!!! I auditioned for the show at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, TN.  There were some great comics on the bill, and the judges were very cool. I basically passed three auditions: one for the first two judges who were tough – we had to do our material without an audience, which is tough for a comedy act – we need some kind of response to do our set.  Then I did a short set for George Wendt and John Ratzenberger, the venerable stars from TV’s “CHEERS” sitcom, who were the celebrity judging team for our city.  Finally I was chosen to perform in front of a live comedy crowd at the club, and the set went very well.  (You can see it by clicking on the links above, or going to  I was very happy with my performance, and I felt as if I had done my best.  Win or lose, I could not have performed any better. Colorado Lottery Officials are releasing new scratch-and-sniff lottery tickets that smell like fresh coffee, flowers and chocolate.  Hmmmm… sounds like a lottery official forgot his wife’s birthday, huh? They called all the comics back on stage and host Bill Bellamy read off the names of the comedians who had been voted on (passed) to the next round. I WAS THE FOURTH NAME CALLED!  YES!  I got my red envelope and did a couple of interviews, and called my wife.  Great news!  I was a finalist on LAST COMIC STANDING! Uh… wait… United Airlines and USAirways have joined American Airlines by charging $15 for every checked bag.  Doesn’t seem fair, but here at Taylor Mason Headquarters, we have the solution!  Lock the $15 in your checked luggage.  Tell the airlines that they can get their money at the other end – provided they don’t lose it! So.  I was supposed to head for Las Vegas and the next round of LAST COMIC STANDING.  I immediately began working on a short routine that I would perform there. Five nights before the event, I get a late-night phone call from the offices of LAST COMIC STANDING.  A production assistant says, “I’m sorry.  You have been dropped from the show.”  I was somewhat surprised, but not shocked.  I had been warned this might happen.  “I’m fired?” I asked.  “You’re an alternate, and you are not on the show as of now” was the reply, and the caller hung up. I took it for granted that I would not be part of Season 6 of LAST COMIC STANDING, and I was fine with that.  I did my best.  Let’s move on. Health officials in York, PA, shut down a Chinese restaurant after finding a snapping turtle in the kitchen sink that the owner claimed to have rescued in the parking lot.  Apparently he couldn’t explain why the special-of-the-day was moo goo gai snap. Nobody was more surprised than I when my cell phone began ringing about 900pm that night, with friends and family calling me about my show on LAST COMIC STANDING! I still don’t know what to think. Again, I want to thank everyone for the kind messages. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a minute and go to the site, click on the LAST COMIC STANDING page, and search for my video – you get to see my entire set.  You can leave a message and/or assign a rating (so far all I’ve received is the full 10-star rating from a number of folks!) to my little presentation, and I will let you know what happens down the road. Thanks for reading!  BLESS YOU ALL! Thanks to Paul and Marsia and Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville!   taylor   Dear Taylor – Senor… I am sorry to say that the reason we were cut from LAST COMIC STANDING is not because I wasn’t funny, or Romeo wasn’t funny… the problem is YOU, senor. Please.  Let us do the audition alone next time. Eat More Chicken, Paco   Dear Taylor: You have violated our non-disclosure agreement.  From now on you are not to mention a word about having been cut from LAST COMIC STANDING.  Do not tell people to go to  You are not to encourage anyone to rate your video performance, or make a comment about how you performed on the show, even though you did a great job and you have the highest rated performances of anyone, including those who made the finals. Do not tell anyone about your situation, the phone call that terminated your appearance on the show, and the fact that you were “passed” and then cut. Thank you for your time and for your adherence to this matter. Regards, The NBC Lawyers   Dear Taylor; If you get a letter from the NBC Lawyers, forward it to me. I will handle the case for you.  I’m a lawyer, too. Not Soo-eee! It’s SUE YOU! Paco (esq)