Excellent show tonight! I have five boys ages 14-5 and we came to the festival as a home school field trip. You were inspiring! I lost my husband last August, so Father's Day was a little tender for us, but I can't think of a better way we could have celebrated than coming to your show. My 8 yr. old must now have "Paco." (I was the crazy lady that tried to bribe the stage hand to sell him to us after the performance.) I also offered the legitimate winner cash to part with their Paco, with no luck and seriously considered wrestling it out of their baby's hands. (Hey, he'll never remember the evening and I had a five and eight year old crying, "I want Paco!") Subsequently, I was driven to your web site where I can now purchase Paco online without traumatizing other people's small children and with the added benefit of teaching my own the character building qualities of delayed gratification. Thank you, Mr. Mason! On that note, I've decided to shoot the moon and buy the whole fan package. In the midst of this announcement, I do want to send you a serious and heart-felt thank you. Your performance lit a spark in my boys tonight. That's priceless! Deborah - Kearney, NE