It’s true. Disney is laying off workers because the recession as hit even the “happiest place on earth.” As someone who works with puppets and doesn’t curse, I have done some work for the mouse, which gives me unique insight to the situation there. First, future DVD releases include “One or Two Dalmations.” They have cut the Seven Dwarves back to two (Sleepy and Doc – one because they don’t have to pay him, the other because he saves on health care), and the rest are being sold at a garage sale outside Orlando as lawn jockeys. Yesterday Cinderella revealed that she didn’t lose her glass slipper. She pawned it! And as for the “It’s A Small World” ride, they’re closing part of the set and they’ll be re-naming it: “It’s A Small World With Growing Unemployment But Our Stock Has Been Rising And That’s What Really Matters.” Hope to see you guys this week: Saturday, October 24: First Baptist Church, Hanford, California Sunday, October 25: Burlington Baptist Church, Burlington, Kentucky Monday, October 26: Jamestown Civic Center, Jamestown, North Dakota   SEE YOU THERE!!