I sent my travel schedule to a psychiatrist today.  Because my schedule is INSANE! Tuesday, November 3: I flew from Philadelphia to Seattle, Washington this morning. (My second trip to Seattle in 2 days) Got off the plane, drove up to Everett, Washington, where I spent an hour in the Gold’s Gym, and then drove out to Camano Island, which is beautiful, and performed at the Camano Church for an incredible crowd. I left right after the show, drove back to the airport in Seattle and took a midnight flight back to the east coast. Wednesday, November 4: Crazy day where I tried to catch up on bills, paperwork and office stuff. Hung out with my 16-year-old, put up storm windows on the back porch and hit the hay at 2AM. Thursday, November 5: Up at 5:30AM. I walked the dogs, drove back to the airport and flew to Dallas, TX. I hit the gym and then drove 4 hours to Snyder, Texas (gateway to Lubbock!) and performed for The Chamber of Commerce. If President Obama thinks the C of C isn’t doing good work, he needs to visit Snyder, home of the best “white buffalo” story I’ve ever heard. The only other white buffalo I’ve ever heard of has something to do with chicken wings in white gravy. After the show I drove 4 hours back to the hotel at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, and sacked out at 3AM. Friday, November 6: Up at 5:00AM and a flight to Charleston, West Virginia where I did a show at the Civic Center Little Theater. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra was in the big arena next door, but the audience in The Little Theater was louder! YES! I went to bed at 1AM. Saturday, November 7: Up at 5:30AM and a flight to St. Louis. I drove a couple of hours to Taylorville, Illinois, and a show at Taylorville Christian Church. Great time, great crowd, awesome church. I drove back to the airport and slept for two hours. Sunday, November 8: An early morning flight to Philadelphia, a stop at the gym, and a drive up to New York City. I performed at Gotham Comedy Club on West 23rd Street – what a great club! Incredible place to work in Manhattan. I drove home and slept in my own bed in New Jersey. I had a dream where I slept for 8 hours. But then I woke up at 5AM to walk the dogs. Monday, November 8: Up at the break of dawn to walk the dogs and then a flight to Lexington, Kentucky. I was on the radio (WKQQ) and Dead-Air Dennis, and a show tonight at Comedy Off-Broadway – the best comedy club in Lexington! I have more to write, but I’m gonna pass out. Hope to see you on the road!