There was a Scottish duo back-in-the-day who had a hit song, with the lyric "I would walk 500 miles." They've been outdone by a Chinese man who is walking 1,000 miles because his girlfriend told him she would marry only if he walked a full 1K. So he's doing it! Good practice for the future, when he'll be meandering around the Peking Super Mall while she's shopping. Former First Lady and founder of a rehab clinic in her name, Betty Ford passed away at age 93. She helped lots of celebrities overcome their addictions so they could get back on the talk show circuit where they would fall back into their old habits and go back to rehab. And re-rehab. And re-re-rehab... And the story of the summer so far: an 11-year-old boy in Brazil supposedly has magnetic properties that cause metal objects to jump up and stick to him. Think Lindsay Lohan and necklaces. Many thanks to everyone on the Disney Dream during the week of July 5-10! We did four shows in 4 nights and had a blast! I'm attending the Ventriloquist Convention in Ft Mitchell, Kentucky this Thursday (July 14). I will update with info next week!